Dear Partner,

Thank you for your valuable time & input due to which we are now in a position to launch this "Invoice upload, tracking & query" module. This is the first phase of our launch with the most essential features incorporated. Several other facilitating features pending for incorporation will be taken up in the subsequent releases.

The salient features of the product at very high level are:

       • Direct & self up-load of invoices in an secured environment.
       • Acknowledgement of the same being successfully received at our end.
       • To the best possible extent, hand-holding facility (by way of error messages)
          where the file format does not match the required structure.
       • Availability of “help” assistance by way of a mouse click on majority of functions.

Please feel free to be in touch with us (at “contact us”) in case of any clarifications required.

While once again thanking you, we will sincerely look forward for your valued feed back to help us improve upon this product.

Yours Sincerely,

Accounts Payable Team,
Emirates Group.

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